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Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0 Glove Gloves Review – Crash Tested

Fit: I have fairly short but thick fingers and find these Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0 gloves to fit comfortably and nicely; with the exception of the fingers which are a tad long for me. However, they are not so long that they interfere with operating the motorcycle or anything else.

Finish: The finish of these Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0 Gloves is good and consistent with other Joe Rocket products I have owned. It is evident that either the factory does a superb job all the time or there is a good quality control unit.

Features: These gloves feature nylon mesh construction similar to the Phoenix line of Jackets and Pants. On top of that they have multiple reinforcements: palms have a suede alcantera type layer, the knuckles have plastic armor, and the fingers have leather reinforcement around them. The gloves close with Velcro straps and feature perforations on the fingers.

Comfort: These Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0 Gloves are very comfortable. The inner liner is very smooth, they are light, and easy to put on and take off. Overall they are very comfortable.

Protection: I went through the protection features of the gloves above so I will talk about how they perform in my real life experience. I was riding at about 15 miles per hour making a turn which I was taking too slowly. I decided to speed up a bit and ended up giving the bike a bit too much gas, and since I was leaned over a too much, I ended up spinning the rear tire and low-siding. Long story short, I walked away without a scratch on my hand but as you will see in the pictures below, the gloves show a lot of wear and wore through in a couple of spots. They worked very well in this instance, but I have no doubt that had I been going much faster my hand would not have faired as well.

Conclusion: The Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0 Gloves are very comfortable but there is a price to pay – they are low on protection. Would I recommend that you wear these instead of no gloves – sure. But will I stand here and tell you that you are safe and protected – absolutely not. So in short, if you can afford it and you can stand it, please buy quality leather gloves. Be safe.

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