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restoring an '82 Yamaha XS650
September 15th, 2008
The guys from TDF will already have seen this but for the rest, I'll post the pertinent parts of the thread. It's getting real close so I'm getting excited about it.

This is what we started with - Yammie stock photo

crappy cell phone pic

Buddy of mine recently picked this up for $400 after it sat in a field for 8 years. After cleaning the carbs a little bit, we actually got it running enough to see that it was oil smoking BAD and seemed to only be running on the left cylinder. So we promptly started the disassembly.

So about 3 days later, it was completely stripped down to the frame, which got washed with oven cleaner and painted gunmetal gray metallic...which should give it a less heavy look than black. Then I cut down the wiring harness to just the charging and ignition systems to cut out all the unnecessary shit. We're gonna re-wire the lighting circuits from scratch, 'cause we're gonna ditch the center brake/taillight and all the gayness "light failure" alert system shenanigans. He bought turn signals with dual-element bulbs, and we're going to use relays to set them up as brake/turn/tail like an older domestic car/truck.

frame after paint:

wheel and rear brake hub after some cleaning/painting

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