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I consider myself a very experienced rider, putting down atleast 15,000 miles in a year on my GSXR600. Many of those miles were very close to red line in excess of triple digit speeds or dragging a knee in the twisties practically every other day if the conditions are appropriate. From the day I've owned my motorcycle I've ridden with a full leather suit (A*), boots (A*), gloves (A*), and a AGV or Suomy helmet. (You see the pattern with A*?) In April I went out with my fiancee for a ride to a few dealerships for business and then to go out for a spin through the twisties.

This was the first time I didn't wear boots, for some reason it just didn't occur to me that I didn't put them on and since my fiancee was on the back I always ride carefully and very defensively. This is what happens when you don't wear boots..


A landscaping truck cut me and my fiancee off on the highway and then slammed on the brakes (for what reason we don't know), and he then fled the scene.

Although according to my orthopedic surgeon (close friend) regardless of wearing the boots or not the break would have happened. When my fiancee and I were in the air I pushed her aside so she would come out unscathed, I ended up right in front of the bike at a nice speed of ~45mph. The bike landed on my foot splitting my heel and ankle right in half along with dislocating my entire foot.

Lesson of a lifetime.. WEAR ALL OF YOUR GEAR! :thumbup:

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