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With you, or have a bike of her/his own?

Mine doesn't yet, but wants a bike. The KLR250 i have in my garage was for her but it's too tall and she doesn't have as much interest in dual sporting as I had hoped, and the seat is too high for her 5'6" frame, which knowing she doesn't like it already has given me less motivation to get it running.

She wanted a Honda 250 Rebel or a Suzuki GZ250, but I recently got her talked into a more classic-looking (and less expensive), less loser-ish mid-70's Honda CB. Preferably a twin, like a CB450. The styling of those bikes is timeless IMO, as evidenced by Triumphs line-up including the Scrambler, Thruxton, and Bonneville.

Getting her a running bike that she likes is one thing that has been in the way of me making more bike purchases, so once this is done I'll be free to do whatever my finances allow.

Browsing a lot of bike forums I'm often reminded of how fortunate I am for having a wife that wants her own bike rather than one who hates the fact that I ride and doesn't want me to even have one.

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