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This is old (2006) but I just ran accross it. Thought it was worth sharing:

Police Chase Car At High Speeds

Officers eluded on Benton County back roads

SPRINGDALE — A white Geo Metro, sporting a 70 horsepower engine, managed to elude officers from four Northwest Arkansas law enforcement agencies in high-speed chase Tuesday.

Police are searching for the man thought to have been driving the car, Charles Hammons, 32, of Springdale.

The car, which police say reached speeds of 110 mph, led them from Thompson Street in Springdale, where Springdale officers attempted to stop the vehicle for fictitious tags at approximately 10:10 a.m.

The driver floored the Metro, with police in pursuit.

The chase continued south on Thompson and west on Main Street in Johnson. The chase went down Main Street in Johnson at 60 mph, according to Chris McCarville, public information officer for the Springdale Police Department.

The Metro’s driver steered his vehicle on Interstate 540 and headed north, turning west on U.S. 412. He turned onto Old Highway 62 and the chase continued over several county roads in Benton County with Springdale police, the Arkansas State Police, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office all in pursuit.

The pursuit went cold at 10:28 a.m. when a Springdale police car wrecked on Logan Cave Road in Benton County.

Officers lost sight of the vehicle somewhere near Springtown after Springdale officer Stacy Bohannan lost control of the police car on the dirt road, spun out and hit an embankment. She was not injured in the wreck. The chase lasted 18 to 19 minutes and covered 24 miles, police said.

A female passenger in the car managed to get out of the vehicle after police lost the speeding car on Benton County back roads.

Hammons has an outstanding warrant for failure to pay traffic summons, McCarville said. Officers said they recovered what was believed to be marijuana thrown from the car at the beginning of the chase.

Benton County sheriff’s deputies found the woman passenger walking along Arkansas 112 after she got out the vehicle.

She is not being charged and is cooperating with police, McCarville said.

High-speed chases are always a cause for concern, McCarville said.

“Anytime something like that happens, it’s always a scary situation,” McCarville said, “especially with all the traffic we have in the area these days. As far as I know, all the protocol for pursuits were followed.”

The Morning News: News : Police Chase Car At High Speeds

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