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So in light of my other thread regarding my dead Sony DSC-F717 camera, I have been thinking of buying a replacement camera.

Did a lot of reading and researching and for the money I want to sink I think my choices are the Canon XSi and 40D and the Nikon D90.

From all the reviews and stuff, the consensus appears to be that Nikon has a better menu layout and is a bit more intuitive to use. There are some features that are available on the Nikon that are not available on the Canon and vice versa but nothing that jumps as critical to me.

I have no lenses so I dont need to stick with a brand. I have made up my mind that I am also only interested in a Nikon or a Canon.

It appears that the XSi now has basically the same image processor as the 40D – so I expect pictures will be near identical.

The D90 has video capability but seems so crippled and non user friendly that it is not a consideration.

So basically the XSi will cost about $570 for the body, the 40D will be about $800 and the D90 will be about $840.

I have pretty much decided on the XSi but wanted to make sure that I am not missing something critical that will make me "have to" go out and buy a more expensive camera soon thereafter.

Thanks for any help and opinions.

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