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I am tired of unscrupulous dealers. I may be in the market for a new used car, most likely BMW and most likely an M5. Found this 2008 M5 vin WBSNB93568CX08154 on cars dot com located at Luxury Auto Xchange. Called the dealer once, explained that I know that this car was sold as a “below average vehicle” at the auction and I asked them: 1. What is wrong with the car and 2. What equipment it has.

I received 3 or 4 follow up calls, neither of which answered my two simple questions. On the final call I spoke with a sales person who then transferred me to the sales manager George, whom I was speaking with for the second time. I presented the same exact questions. :read:

Of course I did not get (straight) answers, the best he could do is that the car is in excellent condition both inside and outside. He did mention that it is at the dealer getting serviced. After much pulling and hesitation on his side, he said that it is merely there to get the “free maintenance” that BMW affords all of their cars. After some more “pulling” he told me where it is located and who the service advisor responsible for it was.

So, I ran an autocheck and low and behold, the car is a CA lemon. Now, it is one thing if they didn’t know. But George specifically said that he bought the car from the auction and that it is clean and there is nothing wrong with it. :wall:

Now I don’t know what planet he lives on, but on Earth and especially in the USA, being a lemon is considered to be something wrong with a car. It is definitely not an excellent nor clean condition car. Furthermore, this is definitely disclosed at the auction and is something that he KNEW about but chose to lie to me about. :nono:

So boys and girls, if you are buying this car, I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of its condition and what you can expect at the Luxury Auto Xchange. :shakehead:

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