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I recently discovered that the Swiss COSC seal is only available to watches made in Switzerland. So the Germans, not to be outdone, have set up a chronometer testing facility in the old “Urania” observatory of Glashutte. The testing is done by Wempe, a german company, state certified to perform these tests in accordance with the German standard DIN 8319. This testing facility is open to all watchmakers – not just Germans.

The biggest and fundamental difference between Swiss COSC certifications and the ones done in accordance to the German DIN 8319 is that the latter will only certify fully assembled timepieces and not just movements. The rest if virtually identical – testing to be performed over 15 days; in five positions, crown up, down, left, face up and down. The average daily variances must be between -4 and +6 seconds, with an average daily gain deviation of no more than 2 seconds and a maximum gain deviation of no more than 5 seconds. Testing for all watches is done at approximately 50% humidity and at 47°F, 73°F, and 100°F. Measurements are taken every 24 hours at which point the watches are wound. If the watch has any complications, those are applied on the tenth day.

So look out for German Chronometers coming near you.

Here is an example:

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