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Aston Martin DB5
Photo Credit: By Martin Pettitt (Flickr)

Aston Martin DB5
Best-known as the car driven by James Bond, the DB5 could well be the most popular car on the list. Time Magazine described it as the “sleek, sexy, silver vehicle of death”. Aston Martin themselves describe their cars as standing for “fine, civilized high performance sports cars”.

Austin Healey 100
The Austin Healey 100 took its name from its top speed of 100mph, which, for 1952, was seriously impressive. But it wasn’t just fast – it had the looks to match.

Morgan Plus 4
Top Gear describe the Morgan Plus 4 as a “a gloriously impractical, modestly performing jalopy”. It’s possibly less well known to non-enthusiasts, but it certainly catches the eye of those fortunate to see one. It’s a tasteful low-slung racing car with a Le Mans victory (1962) to its name.

Rolls Royce 10hp
The Rolls Royce 10hp boasts the highest price-tag of any car made before 1905. The car was sold for over 3.5 million pounds at an auction in London in 2007. There were actually only 17 of them made in the first place, and the one with the £3.5 million price tag was allegedly the oldest one in existence. Originally, it retailed for £395
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