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GT Racer The Algarve Festival
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John Galt Films has announced the successful wrap of principal photography in Portugal for the latest GT RACER episode: The Algarve Special.

“We have come home with hard drives full of fantastic, cinematic footage, from the Nikon D3Ss that were made available to us by Nikon London, as well as from our on-board cameras. I think this new technology will revolutionize film production. We are very excited and happy that we rushed forward with the shoot in order to catch the magnificent Portimão event.

We are very grateful to all our supporters from the racing community that made the shoot possible”, says Alexander Davidis, director and executive producer at John Galt Films, Inc. “We are not home free yet”, continues Davidis. “In seven days, on November 4th at 11:08PM our Kickstarter funding timeframe expires. If we have not reached our goal to raise $6,000 for post-production, this project may not see the light of the day. The way the Kickstarter works, if one does not reach the fundraising goal in the time frame set, no money changes hands and we are literally back to zero.”
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