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Being a tow truck company, we could have chosen anywhere in the country to work.  We chose Albany, GA for a reason.  We absolutely love this city and the state of Georgia is really amazing as well.  In fact, we love the city so much that we decided to write a whole blog post about how much we love the city.  Let’s run through what we love about it.


No one can deny that the weather of Albany is truly great.  There are definitely some people up in the northern part of the country who feel especially jealous of our location in January and February.  While the summer can get quite sticky, it’s all worth it.  The winter is very mild and a bit refreshing we would argue.  The spring and fall are our favorite time of year.  The nice and fresh weather is truly great and there aren’t too many places that have weather as nice as ours year round.


This is probably the best part of living and working in Albany.  Southern hospitality is especially true in this part of Georgia.  You won’t find a nicer, more open group of people than here.  We love doing great work for the people of our community, because they are such great people and they are so openly appreciative of what we do.


There are lots of things to do in Albany, but it still retains that small town, community vibe.  Everyone loves the festivals and the feeling of coming together.  It really feels like everyone knows everyone here, which is just a great thing.


The food down here in Georgia is truly fantastic.  Maybe we are bit biased, but we would put the food here up against any other part of the country.  It’s, in a word, yummy.

What’s not to love about this great city!

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