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How We Do Business
May 9th, 2016

We wanted to take some time now and thank your coming to check out our blog.  We like to be as personable as possible and have our great Albany community know as much about who we are and how we go about business as possible.  Thank your taking the time to read this quick blog post.  We really do appreciate it.

Here are the main tenets of our business.

  • Fairness- We didn’t start this business so that we could make as much profit as humanly possible.  We truly started it because we have a passion for this type of business and because we love helping out the wonderful members of this great Georgian community.  We want to help everyone out in their time of need, and we want to be as fair as possible in doing so.
  • Transparent- We want to be as transparent as humanly possible.  When you give us a call for whatever reason, we will let you know exactly how the process will work and what all the costs involved will be.  We can’t always plan for every possible contingency and situation, but we can come pretty close.
  • Fun- We try to have fun when conducting our business.  We of course want to say as professional as we possibly can, but we think it’s always great to lighten up the mood.  We have found that our customers really enjoy this about us.
  • Responsive- We always want to be available.  If you give us a call, there’s a very good chance someone will answer the phone.  If we don’t answer, there’s a very good chance someone will probably call you back in a very timely manner.  Being responsive is one the main keys to our success in this business.

That’s about it!  We hope that makes sense.  Let us know if you have any questions!

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How We Do Business 16 May 9

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