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A lot of people ask us, hey how do you conduct your business?  We always answer that we conduct our business with fairness and transparency.  That’s certainly very true, but we also understand that is a very short answer to what should be a pretty in-depth issue.  As a result of that, we decided that we would put together a more in-depth response to this question.  We will list out here the main things we always try to do when running our business.

  • Focus On Community- We love Asheville and we love North Carolina so much.  We started this business so that we could help out the community as much as we possibly could.  We don’t want to try to rip people off, because we know that the community as a whole would be damaged by that.
  • Great Pricing- We don’t believe that a company should charge a lot of money, even if it has the ability to do so.  We think that our great pricing is one of our main advantages.  We charge what we must, not what we can.  We think our customers really appreciate that about us.
  • Respect- We treat our customers and employees with respect.  Usually when people call us, they are in a tough situation.  Maybe their car broke down or they have a flat tire.  We try to be very understanding of that position and be respectful of what our customers might be going through.  We also treat our employees with respect, because we feel there is no other way to run a business.
  • Availability- One thing we know is that car situations happen out of nowhere and they can happen at any time.  As a result, we wanted to make a company that was always available and was very responsive to people when they need help.  That’s why we are available 24 hours a day and in emergency situations.
  • We have fun- We also like to have a little fun when we do our work.  You will always find our staff in a good mood and joking around.  We think this kind of culture is key to our success.

That’s an overview of who we are in a nutshell.  We hope you understand and respect what we are all about!


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